Perché CaseBelle Studio?

Casebelle Studio is present on the territory since 2015. The free service offered by CaseBelle is addressed to all those that have given up buying a house due to limited time resources necessary to follow the refurbishments and renovation, for the long distances or simply because they have recently completed the restructuring of a house and spent more than expected.

The ability to integrate the quality of materials with professionalism in renovations is our strength and has allowed us to please dozens of customers in the last few years. A single specialised person will follow your and your project from the beginning up until the end of the work. You'll also be assisted by a team of professionals aiming to minimise the organisational complexity, while keeping costs restrained.

How CaseBelle Studio works:

1) Interview with the customer
This is the first step to know the person sitting in front of us. Please speak freely of what is beautiful to you, as well as all the is ugly to you. This is the only way we can sync channels. Express your concerns, your needs and budget you're prepared to spend. We can meet at our office or at your home.

2) Inspection and survey
The feasibility of an idea always starts from an accurate analysis of the spaces. A proposal in terms of what can be done and what can't, always needs a deep survey of each angle of your home.

3) Project proposal and costs
With the help of a survey on paper and a 3D rendering we'll be able to virtually enter your home showing you what is possible to arise between those four walls that aren't pleasing you anymore. If the idea of our team will satisfy you, we'll go ahead and qualify the costs through a detailed summary of the works that need to be made.

4) Building practices and works
After having had many years of experience in following different types of customers, we're able to put at your disposal a team on excellent yet low-cost craftsmen that will follow the development of your new project step by step. Accredited professionals (architects, engineers and surveyors) will take care of all the necessary procedures for the intervention.

5) Delivery of your "new" home
Our biggest pleasure is to observe the face expression of our clients when they enter the house realising that what was a project on paper has finally become reality.

There are those who point out problems and those find solutions.